Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tips For Setting Up Family Meetings Part 1


Family meetings can help you achieve your goals. These meetings will also allow you to focus on your priorities and increase cooperation in the home. Here are some tips to guide you in setting up your own family meetings.

  1. Identify what's important for your family. Be clear about the kind of home environment you want to create. Make a list of the different tasks you need to delegate. 

  2. Define your agenda beforehand. Proactively prepare for what you want to be discussed. Determine how long you want the meetings to last. Keep new items to a maximum of 2 especially if you have school aged children.

  3. Explain the purpose of these meetings. During the first one, remember to help your family understand why it’s necessary to have these spaces of scheduled meetings: 

    1. What would be allowed as a topic?

    2. When will you hold these meetings?

    3. How will the meetings flow?

  4. Ask for everyone’s input. You are more likely to have successful meetings if everyone is involved. You don’t have to make all the decisions alone. If there are other adults in the home, it’s better to communicate with them too. Give room for the children and teenagers to speak up after you let them know the ground rules.

We will continue a series of these blogs to elaborate on more tools and tips. 

About the author: Joy Acaso is our own Parenting Coach at Nightwatch Childcare Center. She has over 17 years of experience in the mental health field. She is available to answer your questions and provide resources that can help your family thrive.

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