Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Field Trip Parent

by Dr. Amy Stewart

 Parental involvement refers to the engagement of parents in their children’s education, it can be in school or at home. This can be practiced in many ways such as helping kids with their homework, attending events at school, regularly communicating with their teachers, etc. Studies show that parental involvement is essential for the child’s view on education and also in the success of their education. But this blog focuses on the importance of parents getting involved in school events like field trips.

When parents have the chance to join their kids on their field trips, they shouldn’t miss it! Field trips are fun for both children and parents. Joining their kids in these kinds of events is a form of parental involvement which has a lot of benefits to both children and parents. 

One benefit of parents joining field trips is that it helps build strong relationships with parents and children. Being together on field trips doesn’t only mean complying to the requirements of the school but it is also a time for bonding for parents and children. When parents and children have a good relationship, children tend to have a high self esteem and proper behavior. By joining their field trips, parents are also showing their children that they support them in their education, which is very important. This will improve their children’s performance in school. Children also tend to have a positive attitude towards school and learning. This can also lead to increased communication and collaboration between families and school.

Working nights can do many things when it comes to your free time during the day. Imagine never missing a field trip. Imagine not having to worry about finding last minute childcare if your little one is sick during the school day. 

And to start now, consider enjoying weekend “field trips” as a family! Visit our sister nonprofit organization, Operation Experience, Inc. for local family friendly events!

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