Monday, October 16, 2023

Supporting Child Behavior: The Role of Positive Behavior Support in Salisbury

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a powerful approach to managing disruptive behaviors in children. At the Night Watch Childcare Center, we believe in the effectiveness of PBS as a part of our childcare services in Salisbury.

The Power of Positive Behavior Support

Research shows that PBS can reduce problem behaviors by a remarkable 80%. This evidence-based approach emphasizes positive reinforcement and proactive strategies.

De-Escalation Tip 1: Set Clear Expectations

Clear expectations are essential for children to understand boundaries and what's acceptable. Quality childcare in Salisbury involves effective communication and setting clear guidelines.

De-Escalation Tip 2: Praise Positive Behavior

Acknowledging and praising good behavior is a fundamental aspect of PBS. Celebrating your child's achievements can motivate them to continue exhibiting positive behaviors.

De-Escalation Tip 3: Problem-Solving Together

Involve your child in finding solutions to their issues. Encourage them to brainstorm and discuss alternative ways to handle frustrations.

By integrating Positive Behavior Support into our Salisbury daycare programs, we aim to create a nurturing and empowering environment where children can thrive. 

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