Monday, October 23, 2023

Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Children in Salisbury

by Maruanita Moore

Access to mental health services for children is a vital aspect of managing disruptive behaviors. In Salisbury, Maryland, addressing this need is essential to support child development effectively.

The Need for Accessible Services

It's concerning that over 50% of children with mental health disorders in the U.S. do not receive the necessary treatment or support. Quality childcare in Salisbury includes advocating for better access to mental health services.

De-Escalation Tip 1: Seek Professional Help

If aggressive or disruptive behavior persists, consult a child psychologist or therapist. Early intervention can make a significant difference in a child's development.

De-Escalation Tip 2: Building a Supportive Community

Let's build a community where parents share insights and experiences, promoting awareness and access to mental health services for children.

By improving access to mental health services in Salisbury and supporting one another, we can help children overcome challenges and thrive in their early years. 

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